We hear you and we thank you!

Damn, your support is overwhelming!! We didn’t think there would be so many comments about us all over the internet. It’s truly amazing! Now we feel we gotta do more!

First important thing is to keep talking to each other. We’d love to share news with you in Facebook and Twitter.

In case you’d like to share something with us, you can use a simple contact form or an anonymous feedback form.

Since many of you would like to keep sharing your comments and torrents, we’ll be rebuilding user system soon.
Stay tuned!

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IsoHunt is back!

Hey everyone! IsoHunt is back online! It’s the same old isoHunt from the outside but very different from the inside. We have nothing in common with the isoHunt Inc. that made the original website. We proudly copied it and are happy to share. Isn’t that what we’re all here for?

Feel free to search and download torrents like you used to. We’ll try to bring some of the old features back so we can recreate everything together.

Thanks to TorrentFreak and everyone else for spreading the news! Thanks to you too if you share it. 😉

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