The World of Tanks Sponsored post

Today we are glad to introduce you an awesome free game “World of tanks”.

World of Tanks is a team-based massively multiplayer online game dedicated to armored warfare in the mid-20th century. Throw yourself into epic tank battles shoulder to shoulder with other steel cowboys to dominate the world with tank supremacy!

Simply download free game client here. Register here and join the epic battle!

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Happy New Features!

Hi guys!

Hope you had a nice holiday season! We have many great updates for you today.

1. Many of you asked for password recovery option and we finally did it! All you have to do is type your e-mail into a special form. Then you’ll receive a link to reset your old lost password.

2. The next improvement is separate RSS feeds for each category such a Anime, Software, Games, etc. Now you can configure your RSS-reading software to monitor only desired content

3. Also now you can register and sign in to via your Twitter, Google+ and Facebook accounts. It’s even easier to become a part of the isohunt community now!

4. We at are working constantly on making our content better. And without your help it would be devastatingly harder to do that. It’s your support and devotion to isohunt and your community what makes all of us strong. We want to give you more control over the torrents on the website. If you have some experience in moderating content, or you’re a regular user and want to make a differenсe, here is your chance to become an isohunt moderator. Get in touch with us via contact page and write why you want to be a moderator.

Stay tuned for more great stuff in 2014! team.

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