New April features! And more to come

Hey, bookworms of Isohunt! We finally added long-expected Books category just for you! So uncover your ebook reader, download all of your favourite books and get ready to plunge into reading for weeks. 🙂
Wait a sec. You don’t read much? Oh, OK. Sorry for not announcing it earlier: especially for movie-lovers we’ve added more details to video torrents. ‘Related content from IMDB’ block allows you to find more information about a movie or a TV show you found on Isohunt. This block is in a testing mode so all comments and reports of yours are much needed for us!
Psst! Would you like to see some hot torrents? There is a new page with the 50 most popular torrents being viewed right now (also in a testing mode). All in one page. All verified. Pure quality viewed by other isoHunters and this very moment!
Last but not least. Another 50, another rating of popularity… This time for active isoHunters. Compare your popularity di…ratings and let everybody know you’re the coolest guy (or girl, of course) cause of your achievements.
And almost traditionally, a little announcement. We are preparing a slight retouch of Isohunt interface. And hey, take it easy, there is nothing to worry about. All the old-school, super flat design will be saved alright. Tiny changes are supposed to improve simplicity of the interface and will make all isoHunt a bit more comfy. These changes will be introduced within the next 2-3 weeks. So keep coming back to check them out as we make updates.

Keep isohunting and have a nice day!
Yours truly, team
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