Oldpiratebay.org search by Isohunt team

Dear IsoHunters and PirateBay users!

As you all probably know, the beloved Pirate bay website is gone for now. It will be missed. It will be always remembered as the pilgrim of Freedom and possibilities on the Web. It’s the symbol for a whole generation of the internet users.

In it’s honor we are making oldpiratebay.org search. We, the Isohunt.to team, copied the base of the PirateBay in order to save it to the generations of users. Nothing will be forgotten.
Keep on believing, keep on sharing!

QIP Shot - Screen 001

Also, we’re welcoming all the PirateBay users and uploaders here on Isohunt.to! Come on in guys, we’re ready to accomodate all of you, we have room for everybody. No worries. Just knock at our door here: https://isohunt.to/contact-us. Or feel free to check in to our cozy forum here: http://forum.isohunt.to/

P.S. But really, if PirateBay recovers we’ll take this buster down for good, see ya bros!
P.P.S. Don’t forget we have an official proxy in case Isohunt was blocked in your country: isohunters.net 

Let’s stick together in this fight for freedom!

Yours truly,
Isohunt.to team


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240 thoughts on “Oldpiratebay.org search by Isohunt team”

  1. Uhhh I guess you guys better “take this buster down for good then” because TPB has been back up since yesterday. You’d think for someone who runs a torrent website that you’d be a little more on top of these kinda things. =x

  2. Yes, for sure! Welcome, all Pirate Bay users that need a home.
    R.I.P. TPB. it’s a sad occasion indeed. But we know how resilient they’ve been in the past.
    I have a feeling they’ll be back.

    1. Pirate Bay will be back, but I still appreciate the sentiment. I actually use both quite frequently and its great to see this sort of thing — further proof of the altruistic nature of the sharing movement. I doubt you would see something like this in an ecommerce/capitalist site.

  3. I liked the piratebay so much.. It’s really sad.
    Good that you do this isohunters!
    But if the piratebay recovers, dont delete its database please…

    I will use from now your oldpiratebay.org and isohunt.to


  4. Hello Isohunt,
    Great gesture from you. Highly appreciated.
    For me TPB has always been a sign of liberty. Its really a sad day for internet as the symbol of internet freedom has been taken down. I sincerely wish TPB to make comeback real soon.
    And thank you for the warm welcome.

  5. This is a very classy thing you did, restoring magnet links from a recent backup and aggregating and displaying current links

    This restores the appearance of a friendly face until the original comes back. It seems highly functional

    If the original doesn’t come back, so be it. This is a reminder of what it was and it honors the memory.

    Thank you.

  6. Not even 2 days after a hard hit against us and you guys already answered back. You guys are great.
    As a TPB casual user, let me thank you.

  7. I used to work for HIGHSCHOOL Dropouts..
    They FIRED me… But too stupid to change FTP access Info… Please use this if you like

    Host…. crosstech.us
    User…… crosstech
    Password…… Integr1ty@

    Hope this helps, Anonymous

  8. Sim, estamos juntos na luta pela liberdade universal dos povos na busca de conhecimento e contra a ganância das corporações!!!

  9. Thank you for setting up the site. Please add a user comment or report fake/thumbs up/down to the torrent pages if possible. You have a fake torrent: Grimm S04E08 HDTV x264-LOL mp4 torrent with 144 seeds and 74 leechers as of now. Other sites have removed this torrent. Users need a way to warn others. Thanks so much

  10. I will really miss you TPB, you’ve brought alot of happiness, to my families heart. I could never afford the high price of movies so I would come to you and all the seeders to make me and my family’s weekend a wonderful happy one, Those theater’s make so much money and take so much advantage of the poor they are the ones that should be outlawed. If you want to stop pirating what about cover bands that make money on other peoples music, is that copy right infringement? God Bless You Guys, and God Speed.

  11. Long live TPB! Thank you so much for bringing this ‘oldTPB’ site up, isoHunt!! You are awesome!

    I am sure TPB will come back in a few months. We all will be expecting their return and we will support them in any way we can!

    Long live the king of torrents, TPB!!

  12. What I find really screwed up is the fact now everytime I now come to isohunt.to it redirects me straight to isoplex. This is really pissing me off.

  13. The only way to trueley shut down sites all the Pirate Bay types would be to totally shut down the entire Internet. This will never happen because too many countries run their goverments off the internet I am willing to bet if I were to go on say, Facebook and asked for money to start The Pirate Bay up again I could probaly raise several Million dollars in avery short time.

  14. In your Oldpiratebay.org I can’t find not only my user account, which is perfectly normal, but my 17 torrents as well.
    With respect for your tries and already a new account in isohunt sight and kickass sight too.

  15. FREE PTB ONCE FOR ALL!!! After all, It can`t be done anyways 🙂
    Love you all! Please don`t give up guys,this battle is already won as you all know, we are billions!! This crap is just one more veeeery little delay, i hope truly 🙂

  16. I have already sent 4 messages requesting an acceptance so that I could be an uploader. Being patient for a reply. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi, Angeldustless!
      You sent your requests from a different e-mail, that’s why we couldn’t find you in our database. Now we found you and changed your status to an uploader! Enjoy)

  17. Hi guys,
    Just want to say I really really enjoyed using TPB and it will be a sad moment to see it depart. But despite Internet providers putting a block on the Isohunt site you guys still managed to get round it. Excellent job.
    I love you guys very much and I think all the staff at Isohunt are Brilliant. keep up the good work. Once again thank you.

  18. Guys,

    You are absolutely incredible! Thank you so much for keeping the fight going. The government, record companies, and the geezers in the government need to understand that there is no winning in this for them. The old minds need to be remade. Long live free file sharing! Long live internet freedom! Long live Isohunt and The Pirate Bay!

    1. It’s just a search on Piratebay’s database. We still hope they will be back soon, so we’re not upgrading the site.
      Thanks for an opinion though 😉

  19. What’s wrong with paying for the things you use? Why do you have to nick it? None of you would have the balls to go into a store and rob them but because you’re online that’s OK? #wankers

      1. That sure seems to be the problem, but I’ve looked everywhere within Chrome and the PC and I can’t seem to find anything related to it. I’ve tried clearing the SSL cache as well. Wouldn’t you guys by any chance know of something related to SSL that can be cleared/fixed/adjusted/reset on Chrome? Thanks for the reply by the way.

  20. To the Isohunt.to team or operator, please set the record straight on this one.

    Several bloggers have been putting forward evidence that OldPirateBay.org isn’t an archive of ThePirateBay.[sx|se|*] at all.

    The evidence supports that the database is identical to Isohunt.to’s database, and has no connection to TPB other than that Isohunt.to had been copying TPB’s data into their own for some time.

    (Not that there is anything wrong with the latter, but if the former is indeed true, and Isohunt.to is using ThePirateBay’s image to mislead users into believing that they are able to access TPB’s databases once again, than there is something extremely wrong with that…)

    If the accusations are true, than I would want you to do the right thing, and take down the site, or at least remove the “in order to save it to the generations of users.” part.

    Of course, I am hoping that this is all bullshit, and you can set the record straight.

    I understand there are politics to running a torrent site, which can be very cutthroat and competitive, and I am aware of the difficulties that must be faced daily. I mean no disrespect, but please do not stoop the to tactics of hollywood and big media by misleading your users, they are the only reason you can have the rewards that all the work brings. The Pirate Bay operators and founders put in more work than any of us, and now they pay in blood. Don’t dishonor them, they are the martyrs of a generation of freedom which we may only get to tell out kids about someday.

    1. Well,first of all, it’s not a secret that we have torrents indexed from many sites, including TPB and KAT,for example. Isohunt is an indexing site with a feature to upload some unique content.
      The second thing is When we created oldpiratebay.org we’ve accidently merged our Isohunt base with Piratebay’s… so you can see some of the torrents not from TPB!But most of them are from Piratebay database for sure.

      If the original TPB comes back, we’re closing the oldpiratebay immediately.

    2. wanted to thank you for for your care& appericiation of TPB;
      i’m from iran, extremely cencored, shit so-called country.
      TPB kept me informed & entertained as well.
      not to sound cliche, but it really changed my life,
      and now all three founders are arrested;
      as you put it well “…they are the martyrs of a generation of freedom”

  21. i cant even access oldpiratebay.org i honstly thought it got closed down today but its just not connecting to the site, i live in france, tried using a vpn and proxy but nothing seems to work… back to the private sites it is then!

    1. Hello!
      We’ll improve the site as soon as it will be clear the original TPB is not coming back. As for now we still have a hope…

      1. from iran !!,
        just wanted to thank you;
        cant describe how greatful of what you guys did i really am.
        revivin’ , givin’ TPB a nu life by your gigantic, powerful database!
        feel i owe you all & will do my best to make it up to “the community”.
        honestly, i am moved by the message you’ve put up on the site’s enterin’ page, the message (itself), the very act, humbleness, down to earth-y like that, indicates ONLY “the greatness”.
        “COMMUNITY” have kept me informed, alert, awake as well as entertained. to hell with all the “hidden hands” ownin’ everything, governing & corruptin’ the world.

        always greatful.
        thanks again, endlessly.

  22. You guys are great !
    But, tell me, why do they attack torrent sites only for piracy, and not search engine who index them too ? Shall it be illegal to upload/download a reversed copy of a song ?

    ‘ Cause Hollywood and the likes are really ready to crunch torrents sites down ! May freedoom be !

    thanks for reply.

  23. Bonjour à tous, je suis content de voir que TPB (l’annuaire mis en ligne en secour par isoHunt) mais il semblerait que certains aient senti le moyen de piéger par des liens avec pubs dans le meilleur des cas si ce n’est tout simplement en melangeant aux torrents toutes sortes de m…..des pouvant causer bien des problemes aux clients (malwares, spyrwares, virus…etc) Pour finir, Il a été démontré que le systeme de torrents n’a et ne pourra jamais mettre en faillite pour causes de manque à gagner à nos cheres bonnes TRES VIELLES MAJORS. A bon entendeurs salut, et bonne continuations aux VRAIS Administrateurs et à tout ceux qui continuent le combats contre ces majors qui veullent tout et pour elles seules !!!
    Cordialement, Ch.D

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