Open bay Is open!

Hey guys.


We began website as the memory to the original pirate bay. Then we created Open Bay to shift torrent industry and protest against digital snobbism. We got a lot of feedback on Old Pirate Bay, you guys want a lot of enhancements and features to be available on the website.

Well, here it is. Now it’s all in your hands, for the first time in history, you the community can create torrent website that you want and always wanted!

There are already about 372 websites powered by Open Bay engine and the number is growing! Via Github you can make your changes by sending pull request. Right now we are placed number 1 on Github with more than 1841 stars and 522 forks!

Also our goal is to make Torrents database that will maintain, improve and gain content by itself, with no participation on our side. It’ll be base that only Open Bay community will control and manage.

We  put out polls on the main page and you guys will vote for a feature you want, and then it’s up to community to make it. It is the only way, the right way to do it. Open Bay should be controlled only with democratic institute, which involves every user in the world.

Now it’s all in your hands guys. We did all the work for putting this all together and it’s our dream that from now on there would be no “owner” of the Pirate Bay. It would be impossible to shut it down. And it would be the best torrent site ever, because it’ll be created for users, and by users. It’s up to you if this dream will ever come true.

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37 thoughts on “Open bay Is open!”

    1. dude, your search doesnt work, and the category tags dont work either. the only thing that i found that DID work, was the recent tab.

    1. No One Give a Damn or Care about what you Think/said.

      Do you think this made it self, do you know how much time and work, was given to create it. if you don’t respect what people do for the sake of others…
      so, you don’t belong here..

  1. I don’t fully understand the ‘no owners’ part? Why was/is connected to the site? Who is the unknown 3rd party now attached to it? Is this just a dirty grab for TPB’s traffic? Does anyone profit? Who profits and why? Who are you?
    ~betafulmind ☮ & ♥

    1. We’re a group of torrent enthusiasts, better known as an team. And we don’t profit from an OpenBay project. We’re doing it for free, just for the sake of the freedom of information.
      ‘No owners’ means there will be no owner to the ‘piratebay’ as it will be a collective project so it will be impossible to shut it down and put the owner in jail.

  2. WOW that sucks,..

    Where is NEW torrents, TOP 100 ect?
    That’s what makes the Pirate Bay 1 of a kind not as this shitty IsoHunt looking shit crap …

    I rather use KickASS this is far from The Pirate Bay..

    now I grew up with the Pirate Bay way before most of you all and I must say and admit WOW YOU ARE TO BLAME IT WILL NEVER EVER COME BACK..

    1. Hi!
      Thanks for the opinion. We have never said we’re doing an exact same copy of TPB. We’ve created an temporarily… till the original TPB comes back. SO we won’t add top100 and other features unless its 100% clear the PirateBay is not coming back. And as for now it seems like they are going to be back very soon.


    2. Wow you grow up with Pirate Bay before most of us?
      Please show us the truth, oh grand anciant master.
      You’re just a kid full of pimples. Go find porn somewhere else.

  3. Well, snobbism? If I’m correct, we are in fact stealing movies film etc. If we did put in millions $ in a movie, we would also like to sell it, and protect it…

    And yes, I steal them to. Special after I moved to Philippines, where every thing is pirate CD and DVD copy’s. Even the karaoke is pirate copy’s here…

    Don’t forget what we do, but good work 🙂

    Susi Zebian.

    Loose you left arm, and still be number 1 healer in WoW EU is cool. Suxi Zebian.

    1. its a trap. they are running prism on that page.. I am a computer wiz.. if u don’t know what prism is it an program that allows the gorverment or who ever is behind it to read everything we are saying to each other and to even locat us..

    1. Use offshore hostings and you won’t have any legal issues. Also don’t pay for it with your credit card. Use bitcoins or smth like that.

  4. Hi there

    Can we please get the real Isohunt back as I don’t have the slightest how to use this (oldpiratebay) thing. please bring back the brilliant isohunt.
    I tried downloading few tv series from oldpiratebay but it wasn’t doing it.
    Many thanks

    1. is available for everyone. If it’s not working, just use our proxy
      If you’re talking about the old, they’ve been closed more than year ago and they made it clear they are not coming back.

  5. OldPirateBay is better than TPB now..:P
    I would surely like to help OldPirateBay. I would like to moderate the site, I am already been moderator in 2 sites so I can help with this too…:)

  6. I don’t think that’s PirateBay anymore. I have read their blog ‘The Virtual Bay’. Since when was Piratebay in league with ‘russian, israeli and japanese neuro scientists’ to create something like a hive mind that would ultimately lead to the complete robotic enslavement of mankind?

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