Anonymous comments! No account needed.

Hey guys!

From the name of this post you are probably already got what it’s all about. But I will write about it anyway.

Comments on from now on are all completely anonymous. You don’t need to register or login to comment. You can rate up comments that you find useful or rate down if they’re crap. You can also reply to other users comments to argue or have an extended conversation with them.

Have a nice comments!

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12 thoughts on “Anonymous comments! No account needed.”

  1. hahahahaha no shit you dont need account with just mane email and site you can get all the info you want of wanna make over langer time how sneaky but anyway here is my commant
    for the fun of giving this commant 😀

    Peace ya all

    1. this is a commant cuz it was and is and wil be a commant cuz its a commantto be a commant and this commant is not anly commant cuz it just is this commant im talking about from here and now and later not just 4 sec ago this commant is a commant cuz the commanting commant of any commant on this commant cant be as commantating as this awesome being commant of commants about commants whitch is really this commant you reading at the mommant of now or any other now you wil be

      Peace 😀

    1. LOL who says they don’t? I use Tor and Cyberghost it’s smart to use Tor, I have had NERO issues. Facebook hates it as it wants to lay its cookies on my computer so they can get information. I say FU FB stay off my computer.

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