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Weekly update is here!

Hi guys!

Last week we had some troubles with fakes, uploaded and rated by bots. A lot of .rar archives etc. We thought how to solve the problem for a few days and some serious changes were made.

First of all we added ”Filter by Status“ option! Now you can filter torrents in the list only by VERIFIED, so you don’t need to deal with fake torrents anymore. Also the sorting automatically shows you verified torrents at the top now.
Second, we scanned the database and removed all the .rar archives. We also made a filter so the .rar archives will not be uploaded to the website.
Finally, if any torrent is marked as fake and you accidently come across it, you’ll see a red flag saying “Fake” so you know you shouldn’t download it.

We hope all that can help make a content on our website clear.

Well, that’s all for today, enjoy the weekend!

Isohunt.to team.

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Some quality stuff!

Hey ISOpeople!

A little update for today.

We added a “Flag as fake” button on a torrent page, now you can warn admins and other users about troublesome fake torrents. We’ll try to inspect and remove these torrents from the database as soon as possible.

On the other hand, we added a torrent verification sign. Those torrents with green checkmark are safe to download.

These features are introduced to make your torrent selection easier. But the value of comments remains really high! Please, comment on torrents if you find them good / bad / passworded / etc.

Enjoy and keep sharing!

How to verify fake on isohunt

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