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10.23 apparel

Hey everyone!

In November we had news about Isohunt founder Gary Fung and clothing designer Joe Clifford starting a pre Kickstarter campaign. Now they’ve officially started crowdfunding for their clothing collection! Clothing design is all about statements of freedom and sharing, so a lot of you might be interested in that. Besides, the stuff looks really cool! If you want to support these guys, go give ‘em a buck or few, or share the news to let other people know about it. To know more go here.

Isohunt cloth campaign
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Support new clothing project!

Hey people!
Support ISOHUNT t-shirt
If you read torrent freak today you probably know that Gary Fung, founder of original isohunt.com and Clifford Joe, 15 years clothing industry veteran are strating a pre-Kickstarter campaign to launch isohunt line of clothes. Isohunt.to has nothing to do with the original one, but we appreciare Gary’s contribution to what sharing is today! That’s why (although Gary never asked us to do this), we want to help him promote his new project. So if you ever wanted an isohunt t-shirt or hoodie, or just want to thank Gary for fighting for us all these years, it’s time to put your money where your mouth is! You can find all the information here.

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