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Happy Thanksgiving!

Good day to ya all folks!

We’re very glad to announce that new isohunt forum is opened! And just like our website this forum is completely new. We made it simple for you to register on the forum. In fact you don’t need to register at all, you can use your nickname and password from isohunt.to. Right now on the forum you can read info on how to avoid fake torrents and isohunt.to F.A.Q. We hope you’ll enjoy your stay on our forum and will use it to communicate within isohunt community. Feel free to ask for help and give advise to other forum members. We think the community is the most important thing that isohunt has. Hope this forum will make our fellowship even stronger. Cheers! http://forum.isohunt.to/

In other news.

Torrents marked as verified are now displayed in your search results. Like this:

Isohunt verified torrent sign

And we finally fixed the latest torrents section.

Isohunt latest torrents

That’s all for today.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Be grateful for what you have and share it with others!

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