Hunt high and low


Check out our new advanced search system! You can now search by adding common lexemes such a asterixed phrase (for filenames and extensions search). Or for example exclude

Yours truly,any words from search results just by putting phrases in a right field of the form without any additional symbols like “*” or “!”, etc. Moreover, content language search is now available for Movies category. You can even find movies with subtitles by ticking the checkbox. There are much more searching features to make the whole process of torrent hunting easier. We’ve spent a lot of time on it and are looking hopefully towards your feedback.

Yours truly, team.

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4 thoughts on “Hunt high and low”

    1. Hi!
      Welcome back to IsoHunt. No, we aren’t affiliated with the old team. However the project is alive and you can use it now as you used to being it’s fan.

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