Your secret is safe with us!


We’ve promised you and we did it! As you can remember we had unexpected troubles with SSL at due to additional anti-DDoS measures. Finally, we improved security measures to make you feel more comfortable and safe at Now you’ll browse the website through SSL-encrypted (https) connection if logged in.

Yours truly, team.

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Merry Christmas!


Christmas is the best time to reflect on our great value of loving, sharing and giving. It’s perfect the time to share happiness and to spread joy, and of course, to make presents. On this meaningful day each of us is looking for a little bit of wonder and cheer. So team wishes you most cheerful holidays full of warmth and smiles, love and joy. team.

Isohunt cloth campaign
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10.23 apparel

Hey everyone!

In November we had news about Isohunt founder Gary Fung and clothing designer Joe Clifford starting a pre Kickstarter campaign. Now they’ve officially started crowdfunding for their clothing collection! Clothing design is all about statements of freedom and sharing, so a lot of you might be interested in that. Besides, the stuff looks really cool! If you want to support these guys, go give ‘em a buck or few, or share the news to let other people know about it. To know more go here.

Isohunt cloth campaign
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Happy Thanksgiving!

Good day to ya all folks!

We’re very glad to announce that new isohunt forum is opened! And just like our website this forum is completely new. We made it simple for you to register on the forum. In fact you don’t need to register at all, you can use your nickname and password from Right now on the forum you can read info on how to avoid fake torrents and F.A.Q. We hope you’ll enjoy your stay on our forum and will use it to communicate within isohunt community. Feel free to ask for help and give advise to other forum members. We think the community is the most important thing that isohunt has. Hope this forum will make our fellowship even stronger. Cheers!

In other news.

Torrents marked as verified are now displayed in your search results. Like this:

Isohunt verified torrent sign

And we finally fixed the latest torrents section.

Isohunt latest torrents

That’s all for today.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Be grateful for what you have and share it with others!

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Some quality stuff!

Hey ISOpeople!

A little update for today.

We added a “Flag as fake” button on a torrent page, now you can warn admins and other users about troublesome fake torrents. We’ll try to inspect and remove these torrents from the database as soon as possible.

On the other hand, we added a torrent verification sign. Those torrents with green checkmark are safe to download.

These features are introduced to make your torrent selection easier. But the value of comments remains really high! Please, comment on torrents if you find them good / bad / passworded / etc.

Enjoy and keep sharing!

How to verify fake on isohunt

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Happy Veterans Day!

Happy Veterans Day!

There’s more than one thing to celebrate today! We have finished making the upload system and it’s available to all registered users in the upper right corner. It may work a little slow at the moment but we’ll keep working on that in the future.

Let’s keep sharing! Let’s prove the idea lives on!

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