New Isohunt design! TV Series cards added! F.A.Q.

What’s up gang!

You probably already noticed but still, here it is, the new Isohunt design and some cool features we added that we worked on for the last couple of weeks.

Internet is moving forward and we try as hard as we can to keep up with look and feel of our website to be modern, user friendly and functional for you guys. Now  almost every page has changed and some pages are brand new!


And what is also important, new design now is a lot easier to use on mobile devices!

Functional elements placed tight together, so you would have no problem to reach them all. Torrent page, movie card page, and news block on the main page, all changed. Go check ’em out!

Another important feature is TV Shows/Series cards. We added movie cards few months ago and it proved to be very useful tool to search movies, actors, getting information, ratings and choose quality you desire.

In addition to all movie cards features you can choose season and episode right inside the TV card!

Finally, if you have any questions about our site, how our features work or any torrent questions in general, we created F.A.Q.  so you would always get your answers right away. Contact us if you didn’t find question in the F.A.Q. or you think that some questions should be added to it.

Another feature is coming soon that we’re happy to announce, but it is still in development. We will add Isohunt Movie charts!
It’s a useful tool for you to be on top of popular, new or just awesome movies and TV shows. Or if you don’t know what to watch this will be definitely a place to go. Follow our news to find out  more.

That’s it for today folks, be sure to check out our ThePirateBay search

Hope you’ll enjoy new Isohunt.


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16 thoughts on “New Isohunt design! TV Series cards added! F.A.Q.”

  1. Now this is nice! Great job, Admin. Isohunt is looking and acting better everytime I log on.
    Now I see what you meant by “a better idea”.

  2. Hey, recent shipwreck survivior of the tpb.

    One feature that I loved from the bay was the top 100 lists, and the ‘most popular in the last 48 hours chart. It was great for finding something new to watch or read (or fap to. It was really good for porn).

    Since I’m sure you’ve absorbed much of the tpb castaways, is there any hope of making these features? The ‘popular’ tab just isnt the same.


    1. Hi, Eric! We plan to return those features as soon as it is clear that the oroginal TPB is not coming back. As for now we still have a hope…

  3. 🙁 your light theme is too bright, it hurt my eyes, can u change it to dark theme?

    🙂 it should look something like this…

    btw, the verified icon for torrent doesn’t even load on my IE9 & even GC/FF doesn’t load properly (look like blank square icon), could that be html5 suck ass by screwing the icon…

    1. I would rather you didn’t make any changes at all. Everyone really loved the original Pirate Bay, why try to change it. If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it. That will just mess it all up, and make it complicated. The dark screen is way too dark.

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