Isohunt launched its own Telegram bot

Hey, IsoHunters!

What’s cooking? We’re working really hard to make your life easier and more comfortable not only by improving the site itself but also by creating some cool apps that can be very useful for you guys. Finally, we have something new and supercool tailored right for you! Isohunt created its own Telegram bot.
We’ve seen Telegram messenger getting more and more popular in many countries and decided that many of you would really find our own Isohunt bot on Telegram very handy. So check it out!

The name of our bot is @isohuntbot.
There are 2 ways of adding this bot:
1. Type @isohuntbot in the Telegram search, then press Start when found.
2. Follow this link:
What is so cool about our Isohunt bot on Telegram?
1. It’s super easy and quick. Search for movies and TV shows on your phone, planchet or PC just in 2 simple steps:
Type a command => type a movie name => get the list of the best torrents.
2. You can start watching the desired movie/TV show directly from your device if you have a torrent client already installed on it. How cool is that! 🙂
3. It’s absolutely ADS-FREE!
Yes, completely no Ads, no annoying pop-ups, nothing that will bother you.
4. It’s fully secured coz Telegram is a highly encrypted messenger.
No ISP blocks can stop you from torrenting now!

Join @isohuntbot right now and get Isohunt on your phone!

Yours truly, team

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5 thoughts on “Isohunt launched its own Telegram bot”

  1. hi ive got telegram and added the bot but i dont know whattodo next i keep messaging it with no response i have an iphone 5s does it not work because i dont have a torrent client? where can i get one for iphone 5s ? thank you

    kind regaeds

    1. Hi Alex!
      You need to send one of the commands to the bot first and then you’ll get further directions what to type.
      For example type one of these commands:

    1. We are very sorry for the virus-infected torrents. They are uploaded by spammers.
      If you see an .exe file in the movie torrent, just don’t download it coz it’s 100% a virus.

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