Isohunt malfunction

Hey everyone! As you probably noticed, browsers blocked our website. It happened because of our advertising partners. Right now problem solved and Google unblocked us. Sorry for the trouble, we will make sure it’ll never happen again. Thank you for your patience!

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18 thoughts on “Isohunt malfunction”

  1. Great news! Couldn’t get around that block yesterday without multiple zones of redness on my screen. Glad you’re back on the air 🙂

  2. No trouble getting onto the main page, but cannot access forums. The login will not take my username and p/w. Maybe it’s because I just joined, not sure.

    1. You should use the same username for the forum as on the main site,Ron. And i think you’re already on the forums 😉

  3. SO GLAD to finally be back on here hope you guys stay strong and just want to say thanks for keeping it alive!!!!!

  4. The blocking was probably those awful porn pictures! Whilst I do enjoy some porn those adverts right in your face the whole time are too much – I spend more time resizing the window than looking for torrents. Keep up the great work.

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