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With all this pirate bay business, we should not forget about our main focus,, and it’s time for some update.

For those of you who don’t know what to watch. If you already watched all the new films and want something different. Or otherwise you want to know what’s fresh the in box office this week. Or you are looking for a new TV Show.

If that’s the case than our new feature is just for you! We’re releasing Isohunt Charts. Right there on the top. The orange flaming button.


Isohunt Chart is a list of movies picked for a certain occasion or date to entertain you basically. (yay!)

There are 5 kinds of charts for now:

  1. Actors – for events related to actors.(duh)
  2. Holidays – related to movie genres.
  3. Charts – weekly and monthly charts, like best or worst movies etc.
  4. Genres – movie charts of a certain genre.
  5. Events – some special occasions that we don’t know of. But we will, we will.

We would love to hear your feedback, what do you think guys?

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12 thoughts on “Isohunt Movie Charts”

  1. What about new releases? I am finding it very difficult to find new movie releases (DVD Rips, Upscaled Rips, BR-Rips, etc.) since piratebay has gone down. There was releasers like YIFY and SaM, where I just clicked their user ID and it listed all the latest stuff from these uploaders. Here I don’t know the name of the uploaders and browsing through the movies section seems to be a lot 🙁

    1. YIFY is iploading for Isohunt as well since recently. His name is YIFY TORRENTS here.
      We have new releases section in ‘Latest’ tab on the top of the site.

  2. it would *awesome* if you maintained/curated lists of Film Festivals around the world and the movies that were awarded (for example, all the 2014 awards at the Venice Film Festival:

    i have found extremely hard to get to those movies, especially when you live in places where blockbusters are everything showed at movie theaters…

  3. thanks for making this happen so quickly. Love the new Berlinale and Cannes charts, and look forward to seeing more charts about film festivals around the world!

    1. The thing with the festivals, is that not all these movies are available via torrents. The films from the most popular(mainstream) festivals like Cannes, Berlin usually can be found in torrents. But as for Venice festival, for instance, there is no single movie available for download…
      Surely, we’ll add some more of the festivals in the future. Oscar is coming soon and new Berlinale as well 😉

  4. Of course a huge thank you for taking over where piratebay left off.

    But I miss the “TOP 100 TV torrents.” On they were relevant to what was actually being watched in the US….on you’re site it’s just the numbers from around the world.

    Don’t know how did it…but would love to go to one page where all the recent shows are available with one click.

    Thanks again

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