Isohunt Official Proxy

Hey, IsoHunters!

We know how you were suffering since Isohunt was blocked in the UK. We’ve listened to all of your requests and finally came up with an official proxy! If you can’t access, don’t worry, there is a solution. Just use the proxy instead!

Isohunt Official Proxy:


Isohunt is reachable everywhere in the world now again. Enjoy your IsoHunting!

Please, share this news with your friends! Let all Isohunt fans know  about it!

Truly yours, team


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19 thoughts on “Isohunt Official Proxy”

  1. thanks love iso hunt i am from the uk there is another way around the blocking i am using firefox with the add on zen mate works everytime for me and its free 🙂 the secondadd on worth trying for firefox is hola unblocker also works well thought i share that with you guys and gals 🙂

  2. say does anybody know what is happening with the pirates bay ? did “the man” finally shut them down . I did a search for cookbooks and they have the most according to the results. but for over a week, I have not been able to connect to their website
    any ideas ?

  3. Does IsoHunt have a Tor hidden service set up? If not, this is something you should consider doing since it is easy and will completely avoid firewalling/DNS blocking issues.

    Also, to anyone who doesn’t know, it’s very easy to set up Tor to avoid exiting the network in entire countries. For instance, to keep Tor from using any exit nodes in the UK, add the following line to your torrc file (Tor’s configuration file):

    ExcludeExitNodes {uk}

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