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Some winter updates!

Hi guys!

Here are some website enhancements that we’ve finished recently.

Many of you asked for advanced search options and we finally did it! For example, now you can search by the filename inside the torrent! Words between asterisks (*) will be used to search filenames and their extensions. Also now every space in a search phrase will be interpreted as “and”. The search result will contain all the requested words. Check out these new features and how to use them here.

As you know we’re a group of enthusiasts and there is no financial support from the outside of our community. We planned just to make a copy of isohunt to prove everyone that freedom is not something you can take away from us that easy. We didn’t expect this website to grow and develop at such speed. But it’s growing and it’s amazing! So we feel that we need a little more resources, gear and people to develop and maintain a stable work of So now we decided to add some ads on the website. We hope you’ll understand. Good news for all the registered users: no ads will show up when you’re logged in. Keep using the clean isohunt as you used to.

Also there is a bitcoin hash, right above the shoutbox chat. So if you feel like helping our project with a little donation, we will be very grateful to you!

Thank you! See ya next time. team

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Good day to ya all folks!

We’re very glad to announce that new isohunt forum is opened! And just like our website this forum is completely new. We made it simple for you to register on the forum. In fact you don’t need to register at all, you can use your nickname and password from Right now on the forum you can read info on how to avoid fake torrents and F.A.Q. We hope you’ll enjoy your stay on our forum and will use it to communicate within isohunt community. Feel free to ask for help and give advise to other forum members. We think the community is the most important thing that isohunt has. Hope this forum will make our fellowship even stronger. Cheers!

In other news.

Torrents marked as verified are now displayed in your search results. Like this:

Isohunt verified torrent sign

And we finally fixed the latest torrents section.

Isohunt latest torrents

That’s all for today.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Be grateful for what you have and share it with others!

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Some quality stuff!

Hey ISOpeople!

A little update for today.

We added a “Flag as fake” button on a torrent page, now you can warn admins and other users about troublesome fake torrents. We’ll try to inspect and remove these torrents from the database as soon as possible.

On the other hand, we added a torrent verification sign. Those torrents with green checkmark are safe to download.

These features are introduced to make your torrent selection easier. But the value of comments remains really high! Please, comment on torrents if you find them good / bad / passworded / etc.

Enjoy and keep sharing!

How to verify fake on isohunt

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More updates!

Hi everybody!

It’s been some time since our last site update and we got some new stuff going on on!

First of all, thank you for all the feedback and support from you guys! It really helps! Also thank you for the comments on torrents flagging fake torrents and all. It really shows the power of the community. The mutual help and support is what keeps us strong! Thank you.

And here are some features that you asked for:
— We made shoutbox chat as you might have noticed. Now you can communicate with other isohunt users on the fly!
— We improved our search. Now the words in search results are bolded.
— Now you can rate torrents by pressing “Up” or “Down” buttons.
— Recently we had a problem with uploading new torrents on the website. Now this problem is solved and torrents are uploaded again. Sorry for the trouble!
— Search text is not disappearing anymore.

Now a lot of you suffered from fake torrents. We know it’s a big problem, ’cause torrents are uploaded to the website faster than we can delete them all. Your comments are a huge help! Everyday we clean our torrent database of thousands of fakes! We’ll keep doing that.

Right now we’re working on torrent reports to help you report bad content even faster, new captcha, sorting features and many other stuff.

Be sure to keep checking our facebook page (with already more than 1300 likes) for updates!

See ya next time!

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Support new clothing project!

Hey people!
Support ISOHUNT t-shirt
If you read torrent freak today you probably know that Gary Fung, founder of original and Clifford Joe, 15 years clothing industry veteran are strating a pre-Kickstarter campaign to launch isohunt line of clothes. has nothing to do with the original one, but we appreciare Gary’s contribution to what sharing is today! That’s why (although Gary never asked us to do this), we want to help him promote his new project. So if you ever wanted an isohunt t-shirt or hoodie, or just want to thank Gary for fighting for us all these years, it’s time to put your money where your mouth is! You can find all the information here.

Keep on sharing!



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Happy Veterans Day!

Happy Veterans Day!

There’s more than one thing to celebrate today! We have finished making the upload system and it’s available to all registered users in the upper right corner. It may work a little slow at the moment but we’ll keep working on that in the future.

Let’s keep sharing! Let’s prove the idea lives on!

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We have a new user system!

We’ve been working the whole week to give you something you’ve been waiting for! We know there are many features you want back or fixed or implemented. But a couple of them were highly requested both in your kind e-mails and on our Facebook page.

First, we’re talking about comments! Now we can announce they are back. Well, not exactly back. They are newly available. Since we don’t have any data from the original IsoHunt we had to make a new user system and create a new comment system. Therefore, all the old comments are gone for good. But now there’s a chance to post new ones.

Another thing we all need is to upload new content to the website. We are about halfway done making that available too. Should be released early next week. After that we’ll do our best to fix some bugs in search results.

Keep sharing!

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We hear you and we thank you!

Damn, your support is overwhelming!! We didn’t think there would be so many comments about us all over the internet. It’s truly amazing! Now we feel we gotta do more!

First important thing is to keep talking to each other. We’d love to share news with you in Facebook and Twitter.

In case you’d like to share something with us, you can use a simple contact form or an anonymous feedback form.

Since many of you would like to keep sharing your comments and torrents, we’ll be rebuilding user system soon.
Stay tuned!

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