Isoplex is here!

Hey everyone!
Hope you all guys have a nice warm summer. Cause today we got some hot news for you! We worked hard on this and finally are proud to announce Isoplex!
It’s an application for your PC or Mac where you can find and stream your favorite movies with no need to download them to your hard drive! It works completely standalone, without torrent clients or other additional software. You don’t need to keep any huge movie files on your computer!
We always think about what the future of torrents and online sharing can be and we think that Isoplex is a perfect solution!
The software is in a very early stage (an open beta) right now and we need your feedback! If there is something wrong with the program, or you have any ideas on how to make it better please contact us via contact form.
Thank you in advance for that! Only together we can make future of sharing a lot better!
Keep isohunting and have a nice day!

Yours truly, team


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55 thoughts on “Isoplex is here!”

      1. Amazing job, guys! Thank you for thinking ahead and working on such great projects to keep free file sharing alive and evolving.

  1. Sound is still not correctly working. DL’d at 15:30 (PST), version 0.02…
    An option for 3D would be awesome as well. Many movies are not on here yet, but this is definitely an awesome program/feature that I’ll be using in the future. I appreciate the Film Noir genre category, if you could add more categories and a client side creation list for movies to watch. If you could add “partial text”(?) abilities that would be great as well. As in if I type 300, if all movies including “300” in their title/description would be helpful.

  2. The idea is great, quality is good when going for HD, one thing I’ve noticed is that no matter how much a movie buffers it just keeps stalling. I right now have a movie buffered about 20% and the movie still passes for about a min. every 20seconds. My connection is amazing so I know its not that. Please advise if this is a common issue.

  3. Good to see that a Torrent Search engine is actually working on a Popcorn Time like client. Untill now i realy like your program.

    I currently have 2 questions.
    #1 Are TV Shows coming?
    #2 Is Subtitle support coming (for many languages?)

    Thanks for creating and responding. You are still my favorite torrent site.

  4. Hi
    Just checked it out. seems a nice concept except that sometimes there is no sound being played. Can you please fix this

    Keep up the good work

  5. Hi,

    Just wondering, is it possible to make the application open-source, that way, you’d get huge buy-in from the open source community, and people would volunteer to help and to improve the software. An additional benefit would be that open-source (mainly Linux) operating systems could include the application in the operating system, giving you potentially greater coverage.

    As they say, ‘Release early, release often’, this will enable rapid development of a potentially excellent application.




  6. No source code? Then why should I prefer this over the two other clones that show their sources?

    In addition to that, the question arrises what will happen to the overall bandwidth if everybody “don’t need to keep any huge movie files on your computer” as that will pretty much starve the torrents of seeding nodes.

  7. Hallo, great program. But i can’t go full screen!! Why is that? and there is no sound in Full HD mode!
    Thanks in advance.

  8. I just heard about this app and I downloaded it to try. it works perfect except when you select your genre it doesn’t refresh. Please work on that. Overall its great

  9. The sound still isn’t fixed in the Mac client (0.0.1). There doesn’t appear to be a 0.0.2 version available.

  10. Love it, wanted to watch Despicable Me in SD – and it is not in English. and actually is also Despicable Me 2, not the first.

    Love the service and it works nicely, much quicker and reliable than the torrent thing I had been using.


  11. I downloaded it and tried, everything works fine except the full screen is not working. I tried 3 movies but the full screen seems no functioning. (I use windows platform)

    Hope this can be fixed. 🙂

  12. Downloaded the new update, sound on some films, none on others (cuban Fury). Very dark pictures on some films (the new Xmen).

    Its a really good start but its no Moviebox just yet!

    Also will there be any way to see new films soon? At the moment most stuff shows as 2014 regardless of what date it was made.

  13. Lots of movies with no sound (Hotel Budapest, Frozen etc). Tried to watch Edge of Tomorrow but it won’t start.

  14. On my laptop i have no sound, and on my pc i get an error saying: The video could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported.

    I have Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit (6.1.7601 SP1 Build 7601)
    16GB ram
    Geforce GTX 570
    Samsung SSD 830 Series 128GB
    Gigabyte Z68X-UD3H-B3 motherboard

  15. If you are having problems with the audio, switch the Full HD setting to just HD, or Medium, or Low.

    The will most likely fix your no sound problems

      1. hi! I new user Ubuntu. The file isoplex not have suffix, is not run usaly and not run by therminal.
        Lubuntu 12.07LTS .
        EeePc – Atom 495 – netbook
        512M -Ram
        160G- HDD
        27G -free space

        Can You do .deb installation paket? Can You write instuctions for install, configurations and use the programm ?

          1. hi, works fine on w7. anyway, could you provide me with instructions how to make it run on debian wheezy, preferrably via email? thanks in advance.

  16. Great start but suddenly the movies stops if left idle for a bit and the app closes. Also it stopped searching for movies…why?

    1. Hi, Steve! It’s a temporary malfunction. We have some problems with the movies search on the server, that’s why you can’t search for movies and watch them. Our team is already working on these problems and it should be fixied in 1-2 days.

  17. I can’t find your program on my windows 8 system. There is a desktop icon, but it does nothing. I downloaded and installed the program and it ran one movie and it is like it has disappeared except for the non working icon on the desktop. How can I find it on my system, delete it and try again? What do I do?

    1. Hi, Judith Hamlet!
      Thank you for your feedback!
      Try to find Isoplex in your “Downloads” folder and run it up from there again.

  18. Hey,

    Tried to install it on Ubuntu 14.04 (64-bit)
    The app gets installed successfully. However, it does not run. When I try to run the app nothing happens. Tried to reinstall and still no changes. Any help is greatly appreciated 🙂

  19. Pretty Awesome for a Beta phase.. however I see the full screen not covering up the background… Still see colors from background page in borders as below.


    1. Also i just noticed… Movie title & the movie aren’t matching. probably coz its still in beta..but.
      i play swelter and it played Avengers?
      I played 7500(2014) and it plays King Author..

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