Know the torrent for what it is

Give a try to a new feature on Isohunt! With our torrent related content searching system you can find out more additional information about the torrent you download. How it works? Just go to any Isohunt torrent page and check the “More on” tab. There are links to other torrent sites hosting the same torrent. Other users’ comments, torrent cover, status and health are available now for Isohunt users even if it’s located at other torrent site. Now you may check if the torrent is good, bad or fake on other torrent sites with a couple of clicks. Even more stuff for our movies / TV shows and series fans! On the same “More on” tab you’ll find a link to IMDB page of the movie or show you intend to download from Isohunt. Of course, this works just for torrents in movies / TV categories. What’s more, there is now a new “Download a torrent” button on Isohunt IMDB page! Clicking that button will get you back to isohunt and all the related torrents you could download.

And just a reminder

You may think we’re nuts but we offer our users all IsoHunt ads removed just after a free and simple registration on the our web site. Are you tired of annoying banners and pop-under-pages? Well, sign up and log in to IsoHunt so your connection becomes secured with https protocol and neither ads nor sponsored links with advertising software will bother you.

And an announce for active users

We’re making a rating system of Top IsoHunters! Badges, titles and Isopoints rating are waiting for you. Soon you’ll be able to measure you torrenting activity and compare with each other!

Keep isohunting and have a nice day!

Yours truly, team

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One thought on “Know the torrent for what it is”

  1. I am so happy you & the team are back. It has been difficult to hit the right page, I look forward to using this service again.

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