Maintenance on the website

Due to works to improve the website some pages can load relatively slow. We will finish works as soon as possible. Sorry for trouble and thank you for understanding.

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16 thoughts on “Maintenance on the website”

  1. Everytime I try to see your website, a movie offer comes up using different names, asking me to join. It is impossible to use your site, since it hijacks your site to theirs. This is only on your site!

      1. when i attempt to register the site displays the following message: The verification code is incorrect. Get new.

        what does this message mean?

        1. Thanks for feedback and sorry for the inconvenience!
          We have this glitch sometimes.
          1.Press Ctrl+F5
          2.If this doesn’t help, log out of your account and then log in again. Should work then.

  2. Hi guys

    Just wanted to say you guys are Brilliant i love Isohunt i get all the Torrents I need. You guys simply are the best.

    Keep up the good work.
    thank you

  3. This is the second time I’ve used Torrent Isohunt etc. and the first time about 18 years ago didn’t go to well, then there was all the rubbish on the news etc about you and I didn’t go back until a couple of weeks ago when I rejoined.
    To my surprise I’m finding it much easier to use, and I am so happy with the results so far.
    If we have to have things moving a bit slower just so you can ensure we are getting better service then I have no problem with that at all.


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