Merry Christmas Kim Jong Un!

The biggest story of the year in the movie industry is of course The Interview. Hacking Sony Pictures, documents leaked, terrorists and nuclear war threats and all this is about stupid comedy movie. It was awesome! It is the most controversial, publicly known and anticipated movie of the year.  And now it is finally here!
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Merry Christmas everyone, have (F)Un 😉


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18 thoughts on “Merry Christmas Kim Jong Un!”

  1. I’m in the UK and the direct link leads to “Page Blocked”
    The torrent is not searchable.
    I can see the filename, “The Interview 2014 1080p WEB DL x264 AAC” but I can’t find it (sad face).

  2. Ahahahaha!! Well done, Admin! I’m sure he’ll appreciate it with a few bomb threats here and there.
    Merry Christmas to all Isohunters everywhere! RTP and family

  3. Hi everybody
    I’m the leader of north korea and really enjoyed the movie.
    my especial thanks to guys. we didn’t hack sony servers

  4. “The Interview” Co-Director Says The Sony Hack Was Probably An Inside Job

    Written by: John Vibes at

    Evan Goldberg, co-director of the controversial film “The Interview”, recently said that the Sony hack which caused the film’s cancellation may have actually been an inside job. In a recent discussion with “Straight” magazine, Goldberg revealed that many knowledgeable tech experts at Sony actually believe that the job could only have been pulled off by someone on the inside.

    “My gut instinct was, ‘Oh no, is it the North Koreans?…For two seconds it was the North Koreans, and then the younger guys in our office who know way more about computers were, like, ‘No way. You’d have to know Sony’s network, it has to be somebody on the inside,” Goldberg said.

    These comments were made over a week ago and went largely unnoticed by the mainstream media. However, Goldberg isn’t the only one who thinks that the hack was an inside job.

    This week, computer security expert Vinny Troia told Fox News “America’s Newsroom” that there was much more evidence for an inside job than there was for a cyber attack from North Korea.

    “I think that in the event that this turns out to be either a disgruntled employee or an inside job, there is so much attention around this right now, they need to point the finger at somebody else,” Troia said Friday, adding that it was “almost impossible for this to occur completely from the outside.”

    Although many experts and Sony employees are saying that this was an inside job, the US government is still insisting that North Korea is responsible for the cyber attack, and that a future retaliation is being planned.

    While government officials are talking about how to respond to this alleged transgression from North Korea, the FBI is actually thoroughly investigating Sony’s IT department for suspects in the case.

  5. Most anticipated movie ever.. But once you’ve seen it, you’ll wish you never had!! Omg what a horseshit movie!

  6. If there’s one thing that I’d like to see in the coming year, it is an independent investigation into the North Korean actions against the Seth Rogen film “The Interview”… and whether the entire thing was a faked publicity stunt.
    Think about it: the last few Seth Rogen films didn’t exactly have mobs beating down the theater doors to see them. (Remember “Your Highness”?) So what happens next? Rogen and friends make a film involving a foreign dictator as a key character. All of a sudden, “threats” of a 9-11 style terrorist attack unless the movie is blocked. The movie’s planned Christmas release is prevented by theater owners & Sony.

    The Internet explodes! Media sites are filled with patriotic, jingoistic demands that we HAVE to see this movie or the terrorists win! Conservative pundits (usually contemptuous critics of Rogen & his associates) blindly and loudly demand that Sony release the picture and spit on the threats.
    Then, at the “last minute”, Sony announces that the film will be available to the public through select online distribution channels, such as Amazon. Everyone celebrates! American freedom is saved!
    Or was it? Frankly, the convenience of the “threats” and the timing of the release (original and new) seemed just a little too convenient, not to mention the bonus of Sony having some of its hack-based critics being diverted by a “foreign” attack.
    Look, it’s possible that everything “known” to happen actually did happen that way. However, there’s enough of a general distrust of Sony, and a history of publicity stunts in Hollywood, that an independent investigation should be done.

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