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We need uploaders!

We’ve received all the reports about fakes and took responsibly all your indignation by them. We bot-proved upload section, our army of moders working hard on delete fake content, but many fakes are uploading by casual users and bots, so Isohunt is taking drastic measure to get rid of fakes flooded the site. We’re turning off our upload section. Torrents uploading will be available for users requested the access to the upload section.
So now you can become an Isohunt releaser! Just contact us and we’ll send you further instructions. Do not skip the chance to be most elite part of our community and share your content with millions of users all around the world!
We’re looking hopefully to the future and ready to offer exclusively made sections or torrent pages for most ambitious releasers or to discus something else to reward our future releasers.

Keep isohunting and have a nice day!

Yours truly,
IsoHunt.to team

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