More updates!

Hi everybody!

It’s been some time since our last site update and we got some new stuff going on on!

First of all, thank you for all the feedback and support from you guys! It really helps! Also thank you for the comments on torrents flagging fake torrents and all. It really shows the power of the community. The mutual help and support is what keeps us strong! Thank you.

And here are some features that you asked for:
— We made shoutbox chat as you might have noticed. Now you can communicate with other isohunt users on the fly!
— We improved our search. Now the words in search results are bolded.
— Now you can rate torrents by pressing “Up” or “Down” buttons.
— Recently we had a problem with uploading new torrents on the website. Now this problem is solved and torrents are uploaded again. Sorry for the trouble!
— Search text is not disappearing anymore.

Now a lot of you suffered from fake torrents. We know it’s a big problem, ’cause torrents are uploaded to the website faster than we can delete them all. Your comments are a huge help! Everyday we clean our torrent database of thousands of fakes! We’ll keep doing that.

Right now we’re working on torrent reports to help you report bad content even faster, new captcha, sorting features and many other stuff.

Be sure to keep checking our facebook page (with already more than 1300 likes) for updates!

See ya next time!

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