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Hey guys! For those of you who love movies but not sure what to watch, we made a new Movies category!movies Now you can sort movies by Genre, Year, IMDB rating, and change Movies order by age or imdb! Maybe you want to watch Comedies from 1995? Or remember good old 1980 Action Movies? Or you want to watch fresh Animation or Family movies to sit down with your kids in the evening? Or maybe you want to watch anything with IMDB rating higher than 7? Now you can do all that in our new movie category. Welcome! Comment if you like it or not, your feedback is very important to us. Cheers and enjoy the movies!

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7 thoughts on “New movies category”

  1. How do i get to the old search option, I much prefer sorting on seeds and seeing what others are hosting. The new page is bringing through all the CAM’s etc.

    1. You still can type your query in the search string and see the list of torrents and sort them by seeds.
      Actually, we’ll work on the option that will allow users to switch on to the old layout. Though it will take some time to be implemented.

  2. Could we limit the list using other modifiers like 720p, 1080p dvdrip etc?

    and can we get rid of the films that aren’t on here? like the new terminator and other films that haven’t been released yet? It makes finding new releases nearly impossible!

    1. Hi, nik!

      Thanks for the feedback.
      We’re still working on this new category layout, so maybe we’ll add these features in our future releases.

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