35 thoughts on “Help for those who can not reach Kick Ass Torrents”

  1. I don’t understand why these sites don’t get themselves more established via the Tor network, at least for getting the torrents/magnets. There are a few ways for normal net users to reach Tor pages without installing it… Is there something I’m missing in that statement? 🙂

  2. If no one has seen it already, they have a new domain. They have gone back to kickass.to, where they had been for about a year.
    They are up and running as normal.

  3. To Ron – no its not working still, its been an hour since you posted that, and its not working and i almost had a heart attack because my fav show is aired today! thank god i found it !!!!

  4. Strange! I had no trouble getting online when I posted that. Maybe my location? (USA)
    It is for sure working now. Been there a few times since my posting. Also downloaded with no troubles.

  5. still can not link it
    i’ve tried both URL, it keeps on telling sever busy
    my location is Tanzania plszzzzzz help…….:( 🙁 🙁

  6. I got to the kickass site…But none of the torrents I download and open seem to work. I use Vuze for my download program…It wont connect to any peers to get the download going…never happened before the site was taken down…Any ideas? ?? PLz hlp

  7. I haven’t been able to access all 3 of these kickass sites for the last 3 days. Keep getting error messages that Says Server not found.
    I do not run VPN, firewall allows it in.
    I run PC Windows 7 64bit with Firefox as my default browser.
    Had no problem until 3 days ago.

  8. Thanks a lot!
    I don’t know where to go since kickass can not be open 🙁
    To many torrent site can’t be reach.
    Thanks againn C:

  9. “just” change your provider!!!!

    these are the fucking dump motherfucking assholes!!!
    if business is working so great that they can allow them to block domains, then it’s more than necessary to walk away from these fascists!
    even when it’s uncomfortable…

  10. This site is fake. When trying to download a torrent, the site redirects to another one which firefox detects as a scam site. And when trying to download the magnet link, instead of opening your torrent program it wants to install a .exe file on your pc. The f is up with that?

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