Some winter updates!

Hi guys!

Here are some website enhancements that we’ve finished recently.

Many of you asked for advanced search options and we finally did it! For example, now you can search by the filename inside the torrent! Words between asterisks (*) will be used to search filenames and their extensions. Also now every space in a search phrase will be interpreted as “and”. The search result will contain all the requested words. Check out these new features and how to use them here.

As you know we’re a group of enthusiasts and there is no financial support from the outside of our community. We planned just to make a copy of isohunt to prove everyone that freedom is not something you can take away from us that easy. We didn’t expect this website to grow and develop at such speed. But it’s growing and it’s amazing! So we feel that we need a little more resources, gear and people to develop and maintain a stable work of So now we decided to add some ads on the website. We hope you’ll understand. Good news for all the registered users: no ads will show up when you’re logged in. Keep using the clean isohunt as you used to.

Also there is a bitcoin hash, right above the shoutbox chat. So if you feel like helping our project with a little donation, we will be very grateful to you!

Thank you! See ya next time. team

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