Summer update

Hey, Isodudes!

Hope y’all having a great summer! We have a lot of news to share.

First. We keep changing As much as we love to generate and create new ideas, we of course don’t want to break the simplicity and the “magic” of the original isoHunt. So we went very carefully with the changes. We modified header and search bar design. Made it more slick and compact to save some useful space. Also we modified Top searches a bit. Now when you look for something, related search queries will appear in the first 5 top searches block to help you.

Second. We changed the look of torrents lists. Again, we changed it to save some space, much more compact. Category names are replaced with small Icons (if you don’t see it, refresh the page).

Third. We changed torrent page. Buttons and icons are now in one style and standard, for users to better understand their purpose. Comments, Trackers and other tabs look lean and light to bring torrent page a fresh look.

Another big news is that we released a new version of our movie streaming service called Isoplex. We fixed the no-sound bug and made lots of other fixes. Download new version of the app and enjoy your movies right here, right now!

Have fun and keep isohunting!

Yours truly, team

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8 thoughts on “Summer update”

  1. There seems to be an increasing number of movie files like this one ,”Dawn_of_the_Planet_of_the_Apes_2014_DVDRip_XviD_AC3-GERA-KAKAL that require a you to log into another website before you can watch the movie. When you attempt to get into the website and register you end up jumping through hoops. Why are you not flagging these files to warn folks that these files require additional website permissions to watch the movie. After downloading 1.2 gig of file and then not being able to watch the film it means we have to start from scratch again. Many of us cannot keep downloading again because we have restricted download amounts. I only ave 4 gig a month, many have less.
    Please Flag these files if possible.

  2. This site is getting impossible to find torrents on. The original site allowed you to type a search erm eg band name and click and a list of albums tv, movies related to them appeared and you could click music and instantly receive a list of just music. This new system you are so proud of having fun creating has made it almost impossible to find specific items I want. Today I was lookin for albums or songs by the band Cream, and even after clickeing on serarch music torrents I got a list of porn stuff I am not interested in. The old site was far superior and had so much mor content.

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