Top 5 most downloaded movies of the week

Hey, Isohunters!

Hope you’re all doing great even if the temperature outside might be cooling down a bit and the trees are slowly turning yellow and red. Although we know that some of you guys are lucky to have evergreen Summer all the time!

Anyway, for all of you we prepared a top 5 most downloaded movies of the week.

The most downloaded movie of the week was a dark fairy-tale “Maleficent” with gorgeous Angelina Jolie playing a vengeful fairy. The second place goes to an exciting, emotionally resonant, and beautifully animated “How to train your dragon 2”, followed by gripping, well-acted, funny and clever ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ with Tom Cruise still being able to prove the world that he’s a great actor and can totally rock the sci-fi blockbuster.
The ‘young adult’-targeted, thought-provoking, dystopian film “The Giver” and wise, funny and heartbreaking “The Fault in Our Stars” are the 2 movies to complete the top-5 most downloaded films of the week.

Have you watched all of them yet? If not, get ready for a fast download, make yourself comfy, order pizza, sushi, kebab, chinese noodles or whatever food makes you happy and start watching these hot picks of the week! Everybody will find the movie to enjoy.

  1. Maleficent
  2. How To Train Your Dragon 2
  3. Edge of Tomorrow(WebRip)
  4. The Giver
  5. The Fault In Our Stars

Let us know what you think of the movies after you’re done 😉

We’d also like to inform you that currently we’re working on the new version of the site, so from time to time you might experience some minor temporary bugs as something new is in the process of testing. We are very sorry about all the inconvenience caused by this reason but promise you that very soon you’ll be happy to see the newest updates of Isohunt already at work!

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18 thoughts on “Top 5 most downloaded movies of the week”

      1. Do you mean that you’ve already watched these movies few weeks ago? Cool! And this post was placed few weeks ago as well 😉
        Anyway we’re waiting for good quality like DVD or BluRay for most of the movies and then we introduce them to our users.Sure, if you’re satisfied with CAM or TS you’ll be ahead of our releases.

  1. Yep, seen ’em all! My wife Georgeann doesn’t let me miss a thing. She’s the real movie buff in our family. (mmmmmm……….sushi!)
    There’s a tie between best flick there: “The Giver” and “Dragon part 2”.
    “Giver had a great storyline, with good camera work, while “Dragon 2” was just plain exciting!
    I’m waiting for the site changes! That’s always great, nice to see our site is growing.

  2. Maleficent was very good, Edge Of Tomorrow was very good and How To Train Your Dragon 2 was excellent. Have not seen the other 2 as of yet.

  3. im glad the sites back up an working has been a fairly long itme since ive seen it an used it but ive downloaded a fair few films now (thank you uploaders) but nearly every files got a f*****g passwrod on it any reasons for it i mean when i was using the site a while back i could look through the comments of people an see password protected but now i dont see anything at all an that dont fill me with joy to keep using the site i might just stay on 300mblinks as nearly everything on there works without passwords !

    1. Hi, Raskal!
      Thanks for the feedback! And we are very sorry that you’ve downloaded some fake torrents! It was uploaded by spammers, give us the link so we could take it down. Next time be careful. Use this guide to protect yourself from fakes in the future:

      Look for verified torrents. The ones that have a green check mark. You can also sort your search results by showing only verified torrents. You can find this option in the upper right corner, just above the whole list of the torrents. You can see ‘Filter by category” and ‘by Status’.So when you choose to filter by Status, you’ll see the option to show only verified torrents.

      1. well im not gonna lie i wasnt expecting there to be a category filter that is quite helpful i shall try all again an see what happens many thanks 🙂

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