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Spring update and Isohunt Hybrid Search Suggestions!

Heloooooooooo, dear Isohunters! It’s been a very long time since the last update and we’re really sorry about that 🙁 (as always)

But we had a reason for the delay, we worked hard (as always) on the new features and how to make the old ones work better!
Now when we’re done with official part let’s get to the cool stuff!

Isohunt pages now download a lot faster! We enhanced download speed with our secret technological mumbo-jumbo thing, to make your isohunt experience even better.
But we worked on great new features as well.

Presenting to you: Isohunt Hybrid Search Suggestions! We made it for the significant economy of your time. Now when you entering your search request our system will try to foresee your wish and suggest something you would like.
But this feature can do even more! Unlike suggestions on many other sites, we’re suggesting movies from our movie library! So, if you are looking for a certain movie, suggestions will help you to find movies you want and you’ll be able to visit movie page, without even leaving our main page! We hope you will check it out and like it!

Also we added quality tags in searches. Now you can easily filter torrents by quality!
We’re working on many other fun features, that we hope to bring to you soon! It will blow your mind 😉

We’re always happy to see your feedback on our mail, forum, or facebook page.

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Open bay Is open!

Hey guys.


We began website as the memory to the original pirate bay. Then we created Open Bay to shift torrent industry and protest against digital snobbism. We got a lot of feedback on Old Pirate Bay, you guys want a lot of enhancements and features to be available on the website.

Well, here it is. Now it’s all in your hands, for the first time in history, you the community can create torrent website that you want and always wanted!

There are already about 372 websites powered by Open Bay engine and the number is growing! Via Github you can make your changes by sending pull request. Right now we are placed number 1 on Github with more than 1841 stars and 522 forks!

Also our goal is to make Torrents database that will maintain, improve and gain content by itself, with no participation on our side. It’ll be base that only Open Bay community will control and manage.

We  put out polls on the main page and you guys will vote for a feature you want, and then it’s up to community to make it. It is the only way, the right way to do it. Open Bay should be controlled only with democratic institute, which involves every user in the world.

Now it’s all in your hands guys. We did all the work for putting this all together and it’s our dream that from now on there would be no “owner” of the Pirate Bay. It would be impossible to shut it down. And it would be the best torrent site ever, because it’ll be created for users, and by users. It’s up to you if this dream will ever come true.

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Little Summer Improvements

Hey, Isofolks!

Hope you guys rock this summer as we do ours! We want to share with you the latest updates made to the site.

Now you can filter the torrents by category(movies, songs, games etc) and by status(verified or not) on the page of search results. It’s getting more and more comfortable to search for the torrents. No longer  will you have to waste your time browsing through the list of files not related to your search request!

Also, we’ve changed a bit an algorithm for the search engine itself, so that it’s supposed to work muuuuuuuch better now! Just in case you’re still having some troubles with the search don’t wait and contact us. Do you think some things about the way search is working can be done differently? Don’t wait and share your thougths with us. We love feedback from our Isohunters, grrrr!

Some changes to the uploading features have been made as well. Now you can upload even big sized torrents. Go heavy!

Finally, we’ve added the icons to the categories in “Browse” section, so it will be easier for you to navigate the site. Small thing but it all counts!

Hope you all like the improvements we’ve made. We also promise that some significant changes coming very soon! Don’t forget to check our Facebook fan page for the hottest movies and TV series releases! Take care!

Have fun and keep Isohunting!

Yours truly, team


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IsoHunt is back!

Hey everyone! IsoHunt is back online! It’s the same old isoHunt from the outside but very different from the inside. We have nothing in common with the isoHunt Inc. that made the original website. We proudly copied it and are happy to share. Isn’t that what we’re all here for?

Feel free to search and download torrents like you used to. We’ll try to bring some of the old features back so we can recreate everything together.

Thanks to TorrentFreak and everyone else for spreading the news! Thanks to you too if you share it. 😉

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