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Anonymous comments! No account needed.

Hey guys!

From the name of this post you are probably already got what it’s all about. But I will write about it anyway.

Comments on isohunt.to from now on are all completely anonymous. You don’t need to register or login to comment. You can rate up comments that you find useful or rate down if they’re crap. You can also reply to other users comments to argue or have an extended conversation with them.

Have a nice comments!

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New features and updates of May

Hey Isohunters!

We have some news to share with you!

We added new Releases section. There are torrents uploaded by Isohunt’s uploaders. You can find some unique and exclusive content here or maybe you’ll get inspired to share something of yours. Also you can find all the torrents uploaded by certain user. So if you find anybody’s torrents good you can see what else was uploaded by the user. Just click on the username and go to his or her profile. There you’ll see all uploaded torrents of the user.

Another new section called “Real time” contains listing of real-time requested torrents on Isohunt with a number of online visitors at each torrent-page. You’ll know all the trendy torrents at the moment! Know what’s popular right now and don’t miss a release of newest episode of your favourite TV show or nice quality copy of a long-expected blockbuster.

We’re continuing our layout retouching. Check out new sidebars, torrent download buttons and user’s profile page. We’d like to receive all the comments you’ll have about our layout updates.
Especially that now you have one more opportunity to express your opinion about Isohunt or give us feedback or just chat with rest of Isohunt community. We’ve launched official Isohunt IRC channel.

Keep isohunting and have a nice day!

Yours truly,
IsoHunt.to team

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We need uploaders!

We’ve received all the reports about fakes and took responsibly all your indignation by them. We bot-proved upload section, our army of moders working hard on delete fake content, but many fakes are uploading by casual users and bots, so Isohunt is taking drastic measure to get rid of fakes flooded the site. We’re turning off our upload section. Torrents uploading will be available for users requested the access to the upload section.
So now you can become an Isohunt releaser! Just contact us and we’ll send you further instructions. Do not skip the chance to be most elite part of our community and share your content with millions of users all around the world!
We’re looking hopefully to the future and ready to offer exclusively made sections or torrent pages for most ambitious releasers or to discus something else to reward our future releasers.

Keep isohunting and have a nice day!

Yours truly,
IsoHunt.to team

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New April features! And more to come

Hey, bookworms of Isohunt! We finally added long-expected Books category just for you! So uncover your ebook reader, download all of your favourite books and get ready to plunge into reading for weeks. 🙂
Wait a sec. You don’t read much? Oh, OK. Sorry for not announcing it earlier: especially for movie-lovers we’ve added more details to video torrents. ‘Related content from IMDB’ block allows you to find more information about a movie or a TV show you found on Isohunt. This block is in a testing mode so all comments and reports of yours are much needed for us!
Psst! Would you like to see some hot torrents? There is a new page with the 50 most popular torrents being viewed right now (also in a testing mode). All in one page. All verified. Pure quality viewed by other isoHunters and this very moment!
Last but not least. Another 50, another rating of popularity… This time for active isoHunters. Compare your popularity di…ratings and let everybody know you’re the coolest guy (or girl, of course) cause of your achievements.
And almost traditionally, a little announcement. We are preparing a slight retouch of Isohunt interface. And hey, take it easy, there is nothing to worry about. All the old-school, super flat design will be saved alright. Tiny changes are supposed to improve simplicity of the interface and will make all isoHunt a bit more comfy. These changes will be introduced within the next 2-3 weeks. So keep coming back to check them out as we make updates.

Keep isohunting and have a nice day!
Yours truly,
IsoHunt.to team
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Know the torrent for what it is

Give a try to a new feature on Isohunt! With our torrent related content searching system you can find out more additional information about the torrent you download. How it works? Just go to any Isohunt torrent page and check the “More on” tab. There are links to other torrent sites hosting the same torrent. Other users’ comments, torrent cover, status and health are available now for Isohunt users even if it’s located at other torrent site. Now you may check if the torrent is good, bad or fake on other torrent sites with a couple of clicks. Even more stuff for our movies / TV shows and series fans! On the same “More on” tab you’ll find a link to IMDB page of the movie or show you intend to download from Isohunt. Of course, this works just for torrents in movies / TV categories. What’s more, there is now a new “Download a torrent” button on Isohunt IMDB page! Clicking that button will get you back to isohunt and all the related torrents you could download.

And just a reminder

You may think we’re nuts but we offer our users all IsoHunt ads removed just after a free and simple registration on the our web site. Are you tired of annoying banners and pop-under-pages? Well, sign up and log in to IsoHunt so your connection becomes secured with https protocol and neither ads nor sponsored links with advertising software will bother you.

And an announce for active users

We’re making a rating system of Top IsoHunters! Badges, titles and Isopoints rating are waiting for you. Soon you’ll be able to measure you torrenting activity and compare with each other!

Keep isohunting and have a nice day!

Yours truly,
IsoHunt.to team

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How to search and download torrents anonymously

Few weeks ago we’ve made a try to introduce you several most popular ways to make your torrent searching and downloading more secure and anonymous. At first blush those four methods shorties were enough. However we continuously receive users’ demands about additional measures one may take to gain the best anonymity of bittorrent usage.

So let us begin to tell you at length about a VPN, a proxy service, an encrypted client usage or seedbox one by one.

Today we’ll take a narrow look to VPN as a good way to hide your IP address from the public. All you need is to install a small app, get a subscription and connect to VPN to use a secure IP instead of your real one. Here are some P2P-supporting VPN providers.

Private Internet Accesspia

Pricing: from $3.33/ month

  • PPTP, OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec
  • Multiple VPN Gateways
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • No traffic logs
  • Instant Setup

Server locations: USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Hong Kong

Private Internet Access website

Torrent Privacytorrentprivacy

Pricing: $5.3/ month

  • No logs
  • One-click VPN
  • Unlimited connection speed
  • 24×7 support
  • Easy 5-minute installation

Server locations: USA and Netherlands

TorrentPrivacy website


Pricing: from $9.95/month

  • No records of usage stored
  • Simple download & install 256-bit
  • AES encryption
  • Unlimited download speed, 10Gbit servers
  • VPN includes OpenVPN & PPTP

Server locations: Canada, Europe and Asia

BTguard website

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Your secret is safe with us!


We’ve promised you and we did it! As you can remember we had unexpected troubles with SSL at isoHunt.to due to additional anti-DDoS measures. Finally, we improved security measures to make you feel more comfortable and safe at isoHunt.to. Now you’ll browse the website through SSL-encrypted (https) connection if logged in.

Yours truly,
IsoHunt.to team.

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We have a new user system!

We’ve been working the whole week to give you something you’ve been waiting for! We know there are many features you want back or fixed or implemented. But a couple of them were highly requested both in your kind e-mails and on our Facebook page.

First, we’re talking about comments! Now we can announce they are back. Well, not exactly back. They are newly available. Since we don’t have any data from the original IsoHunt we had to make a new user system and create a new comment system. Therefore, all the old comments are gone for good. But now there’s a chance to post new ones.

Another thing we all need is to upload new content to the website. We are about halfway done making that available too. Should be released early next week. After that we’ll do our best to fix some bugs in search results.

Keep sharing!

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We hear you and we thank you!

Damn, your support is overwhelming!! We didn’t think there would be so many comments about us all over the internet. It’s truly amazing! Now we feel we gotta do more!

First important thing is to keep talking to each other. We’d love to share news with you in Facebook and Twitter.

In case you’d like to share something with us, you can use a simple contact form or an anonymous feedback form.

Since many of you would like to keep sharing your comments and torrents, we’ll be rebuilding user system soon.
Stay tuned!

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