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Hey, Isohunters!

Today is a big day. Yeah, we know it’s been a long while since our last major improvements to the site and you’re desperate to see what have been changed 😉 But finally we got it and we’re so happy and proud to share our latest updates with you!

1.  We’ve released a New Version of Isohunt! This news is just super hot! It is that much impressive that we almost don’t believe we’ve made it ourselves! Let us introduce the whole new system of the torrents pages for the movies. Currently this new database encounters around 6500 movies and we’ll add more and more movies in the future.  TV series will be added as well, just a bit later. Now let’s see how it works.

When you type your search query in  the string you’ll see the icon of the movie in the search results just above all the links. Then when you land on the movie page you will be able to see a more detailed information about it. You can see its poster, brief description of the movie plot, the names of the actors, directors, writers, producers. And what’s more important  – when you click on the name of an actor,for example, you’ll be directed to the page of this actor where you’ll see other movies he played in. And of course, all of them  will be links as well… See, how cool is that!

Also, on these new torrent pages, you are able to choose the quality of the movie: from CAMRip, DVDScr to DVD, BluRay and Full HD where available. Another thing you can notice on the page, it’s the rating of the movie. It can range from 1 star(terrible)to 5 stars(awesome), even though most of the movies in this new database are extremely good and definetely worth watching so usually you won’t find a bad rating.


As you all can see we’ve sorted and linked helluva torrent pages and we’ve pretty much created a huge movie library where anybody can find movies by the actors, directors, producers, download it and then share! Sharing is caring, don’t forget.

2.  Generally, we improved the design of the torrent page itself. It looks much better and easier to navigate now! You can notice that we’ve retouched the way rating of the torrent looks. Now it’s easy as air to understand it(we’ve got quite a many e-mails from you asking to explain what green/red squares were standing for). You just need to press ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ button respectively answering the question whether you liked the torrent or not.

3. The next new feature added to the site is the special turqoise color button next to ‘Download torrent’ one that allows you to download your torrent to a cloud storage with a help of little Boxopus, special service that do all the job for you. After that, all you gotta do is just to download the torrent from Boxopus to your computer or smartphone. Really helpful service for those constantly fighting with their ISP that block access to torrent sites, or for students in schools or for people at work whose access to such sites can be restricted.

4. Finally, some changes for the Uploaders. We’ve received a lot of requests from our uploaders to add an ‘Edit’ option for the uploaded torrents. Since we do care about you guys we decided to work on this feature and now it’s available for all the uploaders! You can see an orange ‘Edit’ button next to the title and description sections. Changing the name and correcting the description of your uploded torrents became so easy now! Just hit an orange button and do all the corrections you need.

5. We’re also glad to tell you that we finally fixed a bug in the uploading system. Now you’ll see the message that your torrent was added to the queue and will be uploaded soon. While it’s all happening these torrents won’t be shown to users. Before that users might have seen ‘File not found’ message on the screen when trying to download such torrent.

Hope you enjoy all the updates and we’ll keep doing our best to improve Isohunt. If you see any bug or if something is not working properly, please, let us know! We’ll fix it as soon as we can.

Have a great day and keep Isohunting!


Yours truly, team


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9 thoughts on “New version of Isohunt”

  1. WOW! This is an overhaul. You took the name and built a new site around it. Grrrrrreat job!!
    MUCH easier to see what’s on the page.
    Only one concern: most of the music torrents now do not display the list of tracks, and the “text” files. That is/was a good way to tell if the torrent may be fake.
    There are a lot of movie torrents with this omission also, but mostly music.
    Will this be changed?

    1. Thanks, Ron, for the positive feedback! We’re happy you like the new version. As for your concern, you just need to click on the ‘Files’ tab and you’ll see all the files of the torrent.

  2. I would just like to say A huge thank you to Isohunt team you guys have been doing a great job.

    please keep uploading BRRip quality movies.

    I have joined your site today specially just to say Thank You to your team.

    Hoping to see some more quality uploads?


    1. Hi, Ali!

      Thank you so much for the feedback! We are so glad you like what we’re doing!
      Sure, our uploaders will keep uploading the quality BluRayRip movies along with quality games, software, books and music. Different content for different people.
      If you have any ideas how to improve Isohunt, let us know.

  3. Great change, and congratulations with Isohunt team. This is a lot of help while we found something mistake, and be able back to correct it. These few days ago, I tried to uploaded two torrents, after input all data, categories, and torrents file already, nothing movement, look alike it hanged. Many times of trying, still be like that. Today I will retry. Thank for big news, big change.

    1. Webcentara, thank you so much for the supportive words about Isohunt new version!
      As for your torrents, I see that you’ve managed to upload them finally. Probably they were just placed in a queue and were not uploaded immediately to the site. But now they are all set!

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